Hardcoretet has officially finished our 3rd full length album. We celebrated on April 8th at the Tractor Tavern with one of the best bands on the jazz fusion scene right now, Kneebody. It was a great night and also a great way to send our sax player Art Brown on a month long trip down to New Orleans Jazz Fest with the Polyrhythmics. Looking forward to playing with these guys again over the summer.


Kneebody (left) Hardcoretet (right)


Septet of Darkness has been working hard preparing to record our first full length album. We had a great session at jack straw studio back in January, which will air on KEXP’s Sonarchy radio podcast May 18th. Looking forward to more performances with this group.

Septet of Darkness has been known to include… Samantha Boshnack, Steve O’Brien (Trp); Cynthia Mullis, Peter Daniel (Alto); Tobi Stone, Brian Bermudez (Tnr); Nathan Vetter, Andrew Coulter (Trb); Dan Taylor, Tim Kennedy, Ben Thomas (keys/vibes); Jeff Busch (drms) and me, Tim Carey on Bass and composition.


Samantha Boshnack, Brian Bermudez, Cynthia Mullis, Nathan Vetter, Dan Taylor, Me, Jeff Busch (not pictured)

I have also had the good fortune of being able to record some of my music for string orchestra this year. In March of 2013 I started writing a five movement suite for string orchestra. I completed it in August and premiered it September 8th 2013 at Cafe Racer in Seattle. After a bit of revision, a lot of emails, and the help of some wonderful people, I was able to record it at Holy Names Academy on March 22nd.


Tim Kennedy, Alex Guy, Paris Hurley, Will Smith, Julian Smedley, Sierra Glessner, Brianna Atwell, Maria Scherer-Wilson, Chris Symer, Me, Taryn Webber (Not Pictured)

With the help of engineers Will Smith and Taryn Webber, the session went smoothly. Will and I will be mixing at Avast recording on April 26th. This music should be available quite soon. I do not plan on releasing it outside of friends and family until a recording with a larger group can be made, but it will be online and I’ll make a few CD’s to hand out at shows, etc…

Zubatto Syndicate just finished recording our 2nd full length record at Avast recording. I’ve been playing with Zubatto for a number of years and I have to say, this band is killer. It’s a rock big band with saxes, brass, oboe, basson, clarinet, and great writing. It is lead by composer/guitarist Andrew Boscardin, a great dude all around. Be sure to keep an ear out or for this group in the coming months.


Zubatto Syndicate

In addition to these fun things I have also been playing with a new group (for me) called Groove for Thought, which is a total throwback to my vocal jazz days. Check out their music, 7 vocalists and a swinging trio, great stuff. Also on the horizon are shows with Jovino Santos-Neto, Peter Daniel, and Joe Montgomery.

On the teaching front, Cornish is about to wrap up for the year, HNA jazz band has 2 more concerts on the calendar, and private students are preparing to move their lessons as early as possible for the summer. I’ve got Jazz Camp West coming up in June, one of my favorite weeks of the year, as well as the O’Dea high school jazz camp the week before and the Cornish College Summer Jazz workshop the week after. If you know of any students who might be interested, the O’Dea camp is for 7-9th graders and the Cornish workshop is 7th and older depending on experience (there is a more advanced workshop as well).

Thanks for reading, take care.

– Tim





About timscarey

I am a bassist, band leader, and music teacher in the Seattle area.
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