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Just a little update on what’s been happening in my musical life since school started.
The Septet headed down to David Lange studio near Tacoma WA and recorded a little 4-song EP
20141026_120332[1]. We were fortunate to have Isabella Du Graf join us on vocals. The material is all my arrangements of various songs for 4 horns, vocals, bass, drums, and keys. The personnel on this recording includes.

Samantha Boshnack (Tr) Cynthis Mullis (A) Tobi Stone (Tn) Andrew Coulter (Tb) Dan Taylor (P) and Jeff Busch, who played drums, and made jokes.

In addition to working on these arrangements this fall, I have also been creating new charts for the HNA Jazz band, which has more than doubled in size since I started directing it 2 years ago. We have a few gigs around Seattle this spring, I am very excited to get this band playing out.

While those are my two main projects at the moment, I have also had the chance to work with Groove for Thought, Jovino Santos-Neto, Terrence Brewer, Ben Thomas, Chicharra Tango, Brazil Novo, Erectet, Johnny and the Moles, Haley Freedlund, and other awesome local artists and bands over the last few months.

I continue to teach Jazz Theory at Cornish College of the Arts and am happy to note that I have been working with Jim Knapp to edit and revise the 2nd year Theory text going forward. I am excited about the process of working with Jim and look forward to the next draft of one of my favorite books. I will also be adding an ear training class to my schedule at Cornish this Spring, I’ve been wanting to teach that subject for a long time and am super excited.

That’s about it since September. I should also mention how incredible of a time I had at Jazz Camp West in June. If you ever have the opportunity to go, I would highly recommend it. This year I was fortunate to go as faculty, but either way, it’s worth the money.

Thanks for reading this short update, and be sure to check me out out facebook for upcoming performances.

– Tim


About timscarey

I am a bassist, band leader, and music teacher in the Seattle area.
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