Albums I either played bass on+, wrote music for++, or both*.

Hardcoretet “Hardcoretet” 2014 (Self Released)*

B’Shnorkestra “Go to Orange” 2013 (ARC)+

Supersonic Parachute “self-titled” 2013 (Bosco Music)+

Bub and the Smack Dab “Lemon Squeezy” 2013 (Self released)++

Tim Carey “Room 114” 2012 (Pocky music)*

Hardcoretet  “Do It Live”  2012 (Table and Chairs)*

Zubatto Syndicate “Zubatto Syndicate” 2011 (Bosco Music)+

Reptet “At The Cabin” 2011 (ARC)*

Pocky “Tim Carey presents Pocky’s Christmas Classics Vol. 1”  2010 (Pocky music)*

Reptet “Agendacide” 2009 (Monktail Records)+

Gackstatter “ONEWINGROCKET” 2009 (flood revenue music)+

Hardcoretet “experiments in vibe” 2009 (self-released)*

Manghis Kahn “Live on Sonarchy” 2009 (self released)+

Sambatuque “Brazilian Songbird” 2009 (self-released)*

Reptet “Chicken or Beef”  2008 (Monktail Records)*

Hawk Arps and the Lauriates “Vibra Cum Laude” 2007 (self-released)+


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